A facial down under

Come in for a customized Vajacial! This service is best and most effective one or two weeks after your visit with one of Sucré’s advanced sugaring practitioners. We know that keeping our skin clear and smooth beneath our panties is of vital importance! Here at Sucré we will help you maintain a regular sugaring routine while educating you on pre and post care. The Vajacial is the extra step in between your mademoiselle treatments that will ensure smooth and silky skin.


We will begin your Vajacial with a warm towel that has been treated with essential oils to help open your pores. Your Sucré sugarista will then gently cleanse your skin with our antibacterial cleanser.


An all-natural mango and Mandarin scrub will then be applied to exfoliate and smooth the skin.

Extract: A warm towel will be applied to your skin to help open the pores further so your sugarista can safely, painlessly and effectively remove any ingrown hairs.

Our “magic wand” helps tighten and tone your skin while sanitizing the area. Our safe but effective wand will aide in the healing process of deep rooted hairs.


Sucré’s exclusive invigorating vanilla-mint mask will be applied after your wand treatment. This mask is invigorating and helps soothe and calm the skin after your extractions.


You will Be given a choice of two I LOVE MY MUFF purity sprays to bring balance to your skin. Our soothing post care moisturizer will then be the finishing touch to restore and protect your new and improved skin.


*With each Vajacial, you will be gifted Sucrés very own roll on: SS SERIUM. This roll on is an after sugaring moisturizing serum that helps calm irritations and ingrown hairs. This easily absorbed serum contains gentle exfoliants and nourishing moisturizing ingredients. Our SS Serum noticeably improves the appearance of your skin.