woman body sugaring facts

If you’ve never had it done, the words “body sugaring” probably bring to mind something much different than what it is: body art, edible paint….

After all, what about the phrase “body sugaring” says “great and timeless hair removal technique”??

But that’s exactly what it is, and more and more people are coming around to this ancient method of getting soft, smooth skin. Whether you’re new to the whole idea or you’ve already experienced the magic of a session, here are 9 facts about body sugaring that you should definitely know!

Best Body Sugaring Facts

1. It's an old (like, really old) practice

While you may have just heard about sugaring recently, it’s been around for a looooooong time. Like, so far back that one of the most famous rulers of all time, Cleopatra, likely used a honey-based sugaring mixture to achieve her legendary beautiful looks. If it’s good enough for her, well, it’s good enough for us!

2. It's called sugaring because that's literally what it is

It’s not some modern marketing trick: basic sugaring paste is nothing more than sugar, water, and lemon juice (or some other form of citrus). You know how melted sugar turns into sticky caramel? It’s a more user-friendly version of that. And speaking of…

3. It's hypoallergenic, all-natural, and easy to clean

Because it’s made of just those three ingredients, sugar paste is naturally biodegradable, has no harsh industrial chemicals, and it’s safe for almost everyone to use. Drips and spills are easy to clean up, too – simply use warm water to wipe it away from skin, clothes, fabrics, or other materials. 

4. It's similar to waxing (but differeng in all the right ways)

Sugaring technicians put the paste on against the direction of growth and then pull the hair out in the same direction it’s already pointing. This makes it easier for the full hair to come out of the follicle, and better prevents breakage, ingrown hair, and painful extractions. Sugar paste is also warm (not hot) and won’t stick to living skin cells.

Wax is hot, the strips are pulled against the direction of growth, and the wax will stick to anything it touches. This leads to more discomfort and a higher chance of broken hairs (which love to become ingrown).

5. It can be done all over your body

From the ever-popular Brazilian to touch-ups on the face, eyebrows, underarms, and legs, the sky is the limit for your sugaring needs! The paste is gentle and safe for use anywhere on your body, including and especially the sensitive skin around your face.

6. It exfoliates while it extracts hair

Remember how we said that the sugar paste doesn’t stick to living skin cells? It’s because of the science in how water and sugar interact. Basically, the paste can’t stick to healthy, “wet” cells – but it’s like glue on the dead, dry cells that litter our outer skin layer. So, as you get your hair removal done, you’re getting a free exfoliation along the way…win-win!

7. Side effects are minimal

The most common side effects of sugaring include ingrown hairs, redness, irritation, or itching immediately after the session. Some people with really sensitive skin might also experience bumps or a temporary rash, but these fade quickly. All in all, because of the lack of preservatives and other chemicals, and the way the hair is pulled in alignment with growth, the side effects are usually much less than you see with waxing or shaving.

8. You can go weeks (or more) between appointments...

While this depends on the growth rate and thickness of every individual’s hair, it’s not uncommon to go 3-5 weeks between appointments, even at the start of your sugaring journey. If you maintain a consistent schedule with proper care in between, these can space even further apart as the hair grows back weaker and thinner. 

9. ...and possibly even reach permanent hair reduction

With enough treatments, the hair follicles may be so weak that they cannot produce new hair anymore. This is a type of permanency, and as time goes on it can reduce the overall amount of body hair you have.


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