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If you’re a long-time resident of Calgary, Edmonton, or Kelowna, chances are you’ve noticed how dry the air can get. This is especially true in the winter, when it seems like a giant dehumidifier is running non-stop across all of western Canada. 

But imagine if that extreme dry-skin feeling never went away, no matter how much lotion you lathered on. Imagine it caused your skin to itch, break out into rashes, or even crack and split. That’s what living with psoriasis is like – ouch!

But can people with psoriasis get body sugaring done? What about other skin conditions? Is sugaring better than waxing?


The Effect of Sugaring on Psoriasis and Eczema

Both of these conditions are known for causing uncomfortable itching, hives, blotchiness, and other unsightly blemishes across the skin. But they’re best known for the extremely dry, flaky skin that can regularly flare up and cause problems. How does that work with sugaring?

As we’ve talked about before, the composition of the sugar paste we use is actually a really good exfoliator. The sugary moisture in the paste is unable to stick to living skin cells, but it latches on to dead ones like glue. So, while you’re getting your hair removed, any flaky skin nearby is going to get picked up, too – freeing up space for fresh new cells to grow. 

On top of that, sugaring is just all-around gentle and easy on the skin – it’s not hot enough to burn, it has no harsh chemicals, and it’s simple to clean if some gets where it shouldn’t. This all makes it an ideal choice for hair removal for people with chronic skin conditions like psoriasis.

Keep in mind, though, that there’s a limit to everything. If you have a skin condition and you’re currently suffering from a major flare-up, it’s best to wait until your skin is better able to handle hair removal. While risks are low, there is a greater chance of infection in the days immediately following a sugaring treatment – and safety should always come first!


Can You Wax Someone with Psoriasis?

Since shaving can be so irritating and difficult for people with psoriasis, many of those people wonder if it’s possible to use a depilatory like sugaring or waxing. We often get asked about waxing with this particular disease – not only if it’s possible, but curiosity, too: does waxing make psoriasis worse?

Let’s say right off the bat that we’re not dermatologists here, so if you want detailed answers for your specific situation, we recommend you speak to your own doctor for the best and most accurate information. That should be part of any decision you make about your skin!

In our experience, regular waxing can cause a lot of problems for people with psoriasis and eczema. The heat, irritation, and aggressive pulling of the hair – not to mention the stripping of live skin cells, as well as dead ones – can traumatize your outer dermal layers and increase symptoms of such conditions. You may end up with less hair, but you’ll almost certainly have more itching and potential health issues to look out for in the weeks ahead. And it’s no good if you get red blotches and blisters instead of the nice smooth skin you’re after!


Is sugar waxing better for exzema?

Sugar waxing, a.k.a. body sugaring (a.k.a. the Sucré specialty!), is a good choice for eczema. The hypo-allergenic and exfoliating qualities of the paste, combined with the comfortable temperature and gentler application, make this a good choice to work around clear and inflamed areas alike. 

The malleable nature of the sugar paste also makes it a breeze for all areas of the body, as it is easier to work with than hot wax. If you don’t want to shave and you definitely don’t want to risk the heat of a wax pot, sugaring can be a great option instead. Though we do have to mention that if you really want to minimize risk of infection or injury, go for a professional session instead of trying it at home. You’ll be glad you did!


Body Hair Removal for People with A Skin Condition

Every person’s situation is different, and there’s no way to say with 100% confidence what’s right for you without knowing your personal circumstances. If you want to know more about how body sugaring might be able to help – even if you suffer from psoriasis and eczema – we’d be happy to give you all the information you need to make the right decision. Simply get in touch and ask away!