Have you ever visited a sugar salon and felt a little underwhelmed? Or thought that you probably could have done it better at home?

Yeah…us too!

As avid lovers of all things sugar, we see it all the time. There are salons that lack education and knowledge, or graduates of programs who apply to work with us but have so little practical experience that they sometimes have to restart their whole training. Sometimes, they come to us with certifications but aren’t even able to put on our gloves, let alone pick up and manipulate the sugar paste from the pot. 

In fact, we have yet to see a true “Body Sugaring Academy” that provides the students with proper education and experience with skin care and real, hands-on sugaring techniques. It really got us thinking – because we feel that students, who are paying hard-earned money and want to learn a new special skill, should receive proper lessons on how to successfully and safely sugar clients. And, on top of that fundamental knowledge about skin and hair care, we also believe students should leave that course fully prepared, certified, and confident in practical sugaring application and removal. 

So, we were wondering…what can we do about it? Well…


The Sucré Body Sugaring Academy

We decided to make our own sugaring school!

The brand-new, state-of-the-art Sucré Sugaring Academy is here to transform and fix the lack of education and practical knowledge around body sugaring epilation techniques. Students will be trained at our newest location, a fully modernized salon located in Calgary’s northwest Crowfoot neighbourhood. Here, we can easily monitor progress and make sure all the training is as sweet as – well, sugar!

Training comes in two phases:


Sucré Academy Body Sugaring Certification, Level 1

The Level 1 class consists of a three-day intensive course, done from Friday-Sunday. This is the first step toward mastering sugaring application and removal, and it offers foundational theory (~20%) and direct practice (~80%) with techniques.

  • Day 1: Theory + practical training (a detailed Sucré Sugaring Manual will be provided)
  • Day 2: Practical upper body and face training with models
  • Day 3: Practical lower body training with models and final evaluations 

As a student, you will be given a package of “in-treatment” supplies, full of our high-quality and perfected products from our Sucré Sugaring line. During the course, you will use these to take an active role in and receive proper training for sugaring hair removal, learning the specific methods of our highly specialized Sucré Technique™. 

The course has been formatted to deliver extensive training in an efficient way, covering all relevant knowledge that a practitioner will need to know – knowledge that all but guarantees safe, effective, and thorough hair removal. There will be an exam at the end of the final day, and every student that successfully passes will receive a Level 1 Sucré certification! 

As a bonus, all graduates in our sugaring education and certification are also guaranteed one interview with our founder, Ashley Watt, if they want to apply and join the Sucré team!


The Sucré Mademoiselle Mastering Class

After receiving a Level 1 certificate and gaining an additional two months of additional experience on their own, students can return to the Academy to truly up their skills: learning how to master the Brazilian, a.k.a. the Mademoiselle treatment!

This class teaches graduates the Sucré technique for this area of the body, using a step-by-step method to ensure success. We provide the support and knowledge needed for students to gain experience and, most importantly, the confidence to offer this popular service – and we are here to help with any difficulties and hurdles you may face while learning. Whether you are working within a Sucré boutique or elsewhere, we simply want you to have the best possible experience to pass along to your clients.

**Note that this masterclass is only available to students who:

  • are certified Level 1 practitioners from Sucré Sugaring Academy, or
  • have received a sugaring certificate from another certification program, and have had at least two months of consistent practice.


Body Sugaring Classes Near Me in Calgary

You may have visited our salons in Calgary’s Mission and McKenzie Towne neighbourhoods, or in Edmonton, Sherwood Park, and Kelowna. But our space in Crowfoot is where all the magic happens! If you’re interested in starting a sweet new career in sugaring, make sure you are prepared right from the beginning. Contact us today if you have questions, or if you want to book your spot and take the first step towards this exciting new lifestyle!