body sugaring risks and side effects

A quick Google search for side effects and risks of waxing, shaving, or body sugaring will turn up gazillions of results. Who can you trust? What parts are real and what are just exaggerations?

Don’t you worry, girl, cause we gotchu! We want you to be honestly informed and ready to make your own decisions about going hairless without being careless. Here’s the straight facts about possible problems with body sugaring, and what you can expect when you get the process done. We’ll go over what we can, but if you’ve got more questions and you want a real-life human to answer them, slide into our DMs and we’ll be happy to explain more. 

Benefits of Body Sugaring

Let’s start with some of the things that body sugaring won’t do, and reasons why we think it’s better than the alternatives. It started with Sucré’s founder, Ashley Watt, who became a devoted sugar queen after seeing how relatively gentle and easy it was to use. In her words? “The practitioners aren’t really capable of delivering much risk to the client or their skin during sugaring treatments,” she says.

Why? Because compared to substances like hot wax, sugaring is as gentle as an ocean breeze. It won’t remove live skin, thanks to the actual chemistry of how sugar and the water in your skin interact – you won’t be tearing any skin cells. The sugar is at a much lower temperature, too, so client skin won’t ever be burned. 

In fact, with the right after- and in-between-treatment care (which, Ashley says, is super important to practice at home), the risk can be reduced almost to zero. With consistent exfoliation, hydration, and habits, you can almost guarantee you’ll have minimal side effects.

Possible Risks of Body Sugaring

With all that said, we can’t pretend it’s ALL sunshine and roses. As with any form of hair removal, there’s always a risk of ingrown hairs, which are the most common reported problem with body sugaring. Even still, this risk is much lower than with shaving or waxing, and it can be lowered even more with proper moisturization and exfoliation between treatments.  

Another pro tip? Your skin will likely be a little more sensitive to heat and strong sunlight after a sugar session. It’s probably best to avoid a beach trip right after leaving the salon, and to give yourself a few days to balance out again before baring it all.  

Are There Other Side Effects of Body Sugaring?

It’s extremely rare, but it does happen (and we said we’d be honest)! Some clients have experienced other adverse reactions, like:

  • Histamine production
  • Red blotches or swelling
  • Perifollicular edema (inflammation of the hair follicles, resulting in itchy red bumps)

These are very unlikely to be an issue with your sugaring treatment, but even if they are, the effects generally pass within a couple of hours. You can help prevent these by avoiding direct heat sources and practicing proper after-care following your appointment. 

Body Sugaring in Calgary, Edmonton, and Kelowna

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