body sugaring technique - darker skin leg

As we’ve mentioned in past blogs, body sugaring has been around a long, looooong time (fun fact: it’s as old as the very first alphabet)! Since its invention, it has spread all over the world and evolved into different techniques, depending on where you go. It’s almost a guarantee that no two salons will have the exact same body sugaring approach…unless, of course, you’re visiting different Sucré salons!

We believe that not all sugaring techniques are created equal, and we stake our whole reputation on it. All our practitioners at our locations in Alberta, British Columbia, and Saskatchewan practice the same methods, taught the same way, so that the experience is always the same. You can rest assured that you’ll always get an amazing result with anyone on our team, because the key to our success is consistency!


The Sucré Body Sugaring Methods

We take our sugaring education seriously – so much so that we offer our own courses at the Sucré Body Sugaring Academy to make sure all team members are fully trained to our standards. Even when experienced people join us from other areas of the country or the world, regardless of whether they have one year or ten years of practice…we still train them on our methods because we are completely devoted to that consistent quality.

Sucré Sugaring In-House Training

Our training program for future practitioners consists of three months of in-depth training, performed one-on-one with a Sucré training specialist. Even people who come to us with plenty of experience are surprised to find that they can do processes like Brazilians faster, more effectively, and with less pain involved. Overall, this training ensures smooth skin AND a smooth client experience – no matter what salon you’re at! 


What to Expect at a Sucré Salon

  1. One of the big differences between plain old waxing and the techniques used here at Sucré is the direction of the hair and the pulling force. We train all our practitioners to remove the hair in the natural direction of growth, not against it like with wax. This means fewer broken hairs and much less potential for ingrown ones. (Plus, it’s just more comfortable.)

  2. We also train our staff to use an appropriate amount of sugaring paste, allowing it to create a cushion between the practitioner’s fingertips and your skin. This alleviates any unnecessary pulling and makes the whole experience more comfortable.

  3. Speaking of paste...another specific technique that we've perfected is our ability to manipulate and use an extremely soft, just-the-right-temperature paste. This means that when your practitioner puts it on your delicate skin for that first patch of hair, it will be warm and soothing not cold, stiff, or brittle.

    Many sugarists outside of Sucré are trained using cold paste, perhaps without the use of any warmers at all. This cold paste makes the practitioner's job of manipulation and removal much easier, but it does not bear in mind the comfort of the client.... that's why here at Sucré, you can always guarantee our paste will be super soft, warm, and extra malleable for your comfort! (Not to mention that a soft paste is much better at getting into the follicles and removing the hair properly.)

  4. At Sucré, we understand and teach that a true Brazilian session has to properly balance speed and quality. It's not a massage, after all — it should be done as quickly as possible, without compromising the end result. We educate on how important it is to get all the hair, avoid breakage, and to help with safe extraction of ingorwn hairs. Here at Sucré, we do not just give a Brazilian. We do it fast, effectively, thoroughly, and provide you with a luxury spa experience while doing so!


The Sucré Body Sugaring Experience

When you come in to a Sucré salon, you know you’re getting the best possible quality and results – all in a comfortably chic setting that’s sure to set you at ease. With multiple locations in Calgary, Edmonton, Sherwood Park and Kelowna, you can count on us to always deliver the experience you expect. If you haven’t given us a chance already, today is a great day to start!