woman wondering if body sugaring can be done at home

We’ve seen it a million times: people learn that the recipe for our sugar paste uses simple household ingredients. They see our technicians working, making the whole process look easy. They think to themselves, “Can you do body sugaring at home?”

The short answer? Sure, you can – and many people do. Well, to be more accurate, many people try to…because sugaring for hair removal is an art as much as a science. Like any art, it takes practice to create the paste and use it like a pro.   

This is especially true for the traditional “hand and ball” method that the Sucré staff uses. It might look simple, but that’s because we’ve done hours and hours of extensive training to master it. Plus, we practice it all day, every day!

Our advice? You can try sugaring at home (and we’ll give you some tips here to help you along), but remember that it won’t be like visiting a salon!


Is it Safe to Do Body Sugaring at Home?

First things first: body sugaring hair removal at home is totally safe, as long as you use proper hygiene and common sense along the way. The biggest things to keep in mind:

  • Keep your tools and surfaces clean 
  • No double dipping back into the pot
  • Wash your hands and wear protective gloves
  • Exfoliate consistently, and avoid direct heat for a few days after

Those are generally enough to prevent cross-contamination and reduce any other risks. When it comes to preventing ingrown hairs, it’s more about the technique than the setting you’re in – and that depends on what method of application you’re using. Will you make your own paste, or use a store-bought kit with strips?


How to Make Body Sugaring Paste

Even though the sugar paste only has three ingredients that you probably already have at home – lemon juice, water, and sugar – it’s tricky to get it juuuust right for some body sugaring DIY. If it’s too sticky, it’ll be hard to work with and remove from your skin (imagine melted caramel all over your legs – yuck). It might even ruin the pan you made it in. But if it’s too runny, it won’t stick to the hair at all, and you won’t have much to show for your efforts.

So, the big question: how to make body sugaring at home? It depends on how much you need and how experienced you are. Most guides recommend a sugar/lemon juice/water ratio of about 8:1:1 – which translates to 1 cup of sugar, and 1/8 cup each of lemon juice and water. Bring it slowly to a boil while stirring constantly, because if it starts to burn, you’ll have to start over (and scrub that pot for a long time to clean it). Don’t forget to let it cool before you use it!


Body Sugaring Home Kits

If you don’t want to tempt fate by making your own paste, you can always head to the nearest grocery or drugstore and pick up a body sugaring kit. These have premade paste and strips, much like traditional waxing – you apply the paste, put a strip on top, and then pull it off to remove the hair. 

This method is a lot more user-friendly if you’re not experienced with the hand and ball technique, though it may contribute to more broken hairs and overall discomfort. You still get benefits like the all-natural ingredients and the reduced risks of sugaring – but remember that it won’t be quite as good as a pro service at a Sucré salon. 


The Best Body Sugaring Methods

Whether you’re still unsure how to use body sugaring paste or you simply don’t want to worry about the results, we get it! There’s something about laying back and relaxing while someone else handles the hair. Our salons in Calgary draw people from Cochrane, Chestermere, Okotoks, and more!  We also have salons in Edmonton and Kelowna that are all about giving you the best experience from start to finish!

If you have any questions about what we do, how we do it, or even what you did wrong on your last body sugaring DIY attempt, don’t worry – we got you! Reach out and ask away, and we’ll be happy to help you get to a happy, hair-free future. All you have to do is show up and look fab!