should I get sugared in the fall and winter?

As the leaves start to change colour and the air grows cooler, the world of fashion welcomes cozy sweaters, stylish boots, and luxurious scarves. 

Amid these shifting seasonal rituals, you may be tempted to ease up on your regular beauty maintenance, specifically, your hair removal routine. After all, less skin is on display, so why bother, right? 

Well, dear reader, allow us to illuminate why now, more than ever, is the perfect time to keep or kick-start your body sugaring routine!


What is Body Sugaring?

Body sugaring, an age-old and all-natural hair removal method, has been winning hearts (and skins!) across the globe. And it’s easy to see why so many people are opting to sugar: it’s gentle on the skin, affordable, and produces long-lasting results.

When you body sugar, a paste made of natural ingredients (typically sugar, water, lemon juice) is applied directly to the skin and removed in the same direction as hair growth. This method prevents ingrown hairs from forming and exfoliates and nourishes the skin while removing unwanted hair.

To top it off, sugaring is a great option for sensitive skin because of its all-natural ingredients. Additionally, since the paste doesn’t adhere to live skin cells, you can enjoy smoother​​ skin without any irritation or burning — something waxing can’t always guarantee.

The 5 Benefits of Body Sugaring in Fall and Winter

While snuggling up in a fuzzy blanket with a good book might be your fall and winter go-to, let's explore why keeping up with your body sugaring appointments during these seasons should also top your self-care list.

1) Thinner and Less Hair Growth

When you sugar regularly, each session tends to pull out the hair by the roots. This process weakens the hair follicle over time, leading to thinner, slower, and less hair growth. 

Think of body sugaring as your personal fairy godmother, helping you achieve that smooth, "glass slipper" skin. Starting or continuing your sugaring in the chillier months allows you to get a head start, meaning that come spring, your skin will be as ready for sunshine as you are!

2) You'll Love The Exfoliation

One of the unsung heroes of body sugaring is its natural exfoliating properties. The sugar paste removes dead skin cells, revealing a refreshed and rejuvenated skin layer beneath. 

This gentle exfoliation process is perfect for fall and winter when skin tends to be drier and can look a little lackluster. Regular body sugaring can help maintain that summer glow, even when the days are short and the nights are long.

3) It's Less Painful

While we all love the phrase "beauty is pain," wouldn't it be nice if it weren't always true? Well, body sugaring during the fall and winter might just be the gentle approach you've been seeking. 

Colder months generally slow hair growth, meaning fewer hair strands to remove and, subsequently, less discomfort during your sugaring sessions. And when applied correctly, sugar paste can soothe and nourish the skin during exfoliation instead of causing irritation.

4) It can Help Improve Your Skin Tone

Just because it’s the fall and winter doesn’t mean your skin should suffer. Body sugaring helps remove not only dead skin cells but also dirt, irritants, and other debris that can settle in our pores over time. This leaves behind a healthier complexion free of discoloration caused by dark spots, freckles, and age or sunspots.

5) It Can Help with Acne

Acne doesn’t take a break when the weather turns cold. It's easy for dirt and bacteria to become trapped in our pores throughout the day - even when temperatures drop! And the drier winter weather can be brutal on our skin.

Since sugar paste reaches deeper into the skin than a traditional razor can, it helps clear any unwanted blockages contributing to breakouts. Exfoliation also helps remove any residual dirt and bacteria, reducing the risk of breakouts.


Preparation and Aftercare Tips for Body Sugaring in Fall and Winter

Taking care of your skin is a year-round commitment, and it requires special attention during the colder months when harsh weather can wreak havoc on your skin's texture and moisture levels. 

So, if you're planning to stay on track with your body sugaring routine in fall and winter, here are some useful tips to ensure you're getting the most out of your treatment:

Before Your Body Sugaring Appointment

1. Exfoliate: Regular exfoliation a few days before your body sugaring session can help remove dead skin cells and allow the sugar paste to adhere better to your hair for optimal removal.  However, avoid exfoliating on the day of your appointment to prevent any skin sensitivity.

2. Moisturize: Keep your skin hydrated before your appointment, but skip the lotion on the day of your session.  Moisture can interfere with the sugaring process, making it less effective.

3. Proper Hair Length: Make sure your hair is long enough to be removed by the sugar paste.  A good rule of thumb is about a quarter of an inch, roughly the length of a grain of rice.

After Your Body Sugaring Appointment

1. Stay Hydrated: Hydration isn't just essential for your body; it's vital for your skin too!  Drinking plenty of water after your body sugaring session can help keep your skin glowing and healthy.

2. Avoid Heat: Give your skin some time to recover post-treatment.  Avoid hot baths, saunas, and excessive physical exercise for 24 hours after your session to prevent any potential skin irritation.

3. Regular Moisturizing: After 24 hours, start a regular moisturizing routine.  Fall and winter can be particularly drying, and a good moisturizer can keep your skin supple and smooth.

4. Avoid Tight Clothing: Let your skin breathe after your appointment.  Choose loose, comfortable clothing to prevent friction and irritation on your freshly sugared skin.

Remember, every skin type is unique, so always listen to your skin and give it what it needs.


Don't Leave Your Skin Out To Dry This Winter

While it might be tempting to "let things grow" a bit during the hibernation months, maintaining your body sugaring routine could make your hair removal process a touch more comfortable. Who wouldn't want to feel silky smooth while slipping into those warm flannel sheets?

Remember, just like your favorite winter skincare routine, consistency is critical in body sugaring. Whether it's summer sun or winter frost, treating your skin to regular body sugaring sessions can help you achieve and maintain that smooth, glowy look all year round. 

Ready to start your sugaring journey or keep it going through the cooler months? At Sucré Body Sugaring, we're dedicated to providing an excellent sugaring experience that pampers your skin in any season. 

Our skilled professionals are ready to help you maintain your smooth glow, even when the mercury dips. To discover the sweet benefits of body sugaring, book your appointment at Sucré Body Sugaring today!