Brow Lamination

Brow Lamination + Cleanup | $80

Brow Lamination + Cleanup + Sugar |  $120

Brow lamination is a new brow trend. Brows are lifted to help give you a uniform shape. This is the ultimate solution for eyebrows that do not have symmetry where the hairs follow a different pattern, with lamination we can redirect the brows in such a way to give them the desired shape you want and a fuller look. This will last approximately eight weeks. The appointment includes light cleanup and styling!


Brow sugaring is a natural, ancient method of removing unwanted eyebrow hair. A natural sugaring paste is made from sugar, water, and lemon. This paste is spread on the skin either warm or at room temperature and removed against the direction of the hair in one swift motion.

It is completely natural and has minuscule chances of causing a reaction, and can remove hair as short as 1/16th of an inch.

When you sugar your eyebrows, you can say goodbye to unwanted hair for 6 weeks.

Frequently Asked Questions

Eyebrow sugaring plucks out the unwanted hair from the root. If you’re getting eyebrow sugaring for the first time, it’ll last around three weeks.

Over time, the unwanted hair grows less and takes longer to grow back. You will also be relieved to know that each consecutive time, it hurts less as well.