Our Team


Meet the Owner & Founder

Ashley Watt

Advanced Sugaring Technician

Ashley fell in love with Sugaring after poor experiences with waxing and shaving. She was drawn to the natural solution of body sugaring. Ashley was aware of the lack of education regarding the sugaring process and has made it her mission to teach and inform people of a comfortable hair removal process that is 100% natural and biodegradable.

Exceptional for all skin types, sensitivities and hair textures, everyone can benefit from Sugaring. Sucré feels that if more people knew about the sugaring method, they would fall in love with this gentle extraction technique. See for yourself as Sucré is Calgary's first salon to strictly specialize in the ancient art of Sugaring.

Our Talented
Team Members

Caitlynn Lehman
Caitlynn LehmanSugaring Technician
Hailey Palmer
Hailey PalmerSugaring Technician
Laurel Schlenker
Laurel SchlenkerOwner of McKenzie Towne Boutique
Kevi Wolfram
Kevi WolframSugaring Technician
Sammi Sonnenberg
Sammi SonnenbergSugaring Technician