Sugaring 101

An ancient Egyptian hair removal treatment that has been practiced for centuries using a combination of sugar, lemon and water to remove hair without pulling at the skin.

Sugaring is often compared to waxing, but aside from removing unwanted hair, that is where the comparison ends.

Sugaring removes hair in the same direction of hair growth, which is less painful than extracting hair in the opposite direction. Wax pulls the hair in the opposite direction, which can cause hair breakage and produces "stubble."

The hair is known to grow back faster with this standard waxing technique. This action causes irritation, rashes and ingrown hairs and proves to be quite painful.


100% Natural

Sugaring paste is 100% NATURAL with absolutely no chemicals or resins. It is applied with a gloved hand, and therefore, there is never any "double-dipping" into the sugar pot. When Sugaring, only a small amount of sugar is required to remove hair from the body successfully.

This same amount of sugar is repeatedly manipulated by the hand and applied to the next area. By using this technique, we never have to dip back into the sugar pot. Wax is full of resins, and because strips and spatulas are used, you will likely risk contamination of the wax pot.


Sugaring Will:

  •  Eliminate ingrown hair
  •  Prevent new ingrown hair
  •  Successfully treat all skin types and colours
  •  Extracts all hair colours and textures
  •  Improve skin texture and tone
  •  Treat such skin problems as keratosis, eczema and psoriasis

Sugaring Will Not:

  • Damage the dermal cells
  • Burn the skin
  • Promote double dipping of the pot or cross-contamination
  • Cause ingrown hair