woman on beach body sugaring hair removal

No matter which method of hair removal you go for, you can always count on at least one benefit: it will get rid of the hair you don’t want. Seems easy enough, right?

But are there other benefits to methods like sugaring? Are some easier on your skin, or more hygienic? Since we’re always looking for an excuse to talk about sugaring, here are seven of the biggest added benefits to coming in for a sweet sugar session!

Why Choose Body Sugaring for Hair Removal?

1) The paste is easy to clean with soap and water.

The sugar paste we use is such a breeze to clean up! Made of just sugar, water, and lemon juice, the paste easily dissolves when more water is added. So, if some of it ends up on the table, on our clothes, or somewhere on your body that it shouldn’t, it’s not a big deal at all. A washcloth or a visit to the sink will make it disappear – like magic!

2) Take your time! The paste won't dry up or harden as we work.

The paste stays flexible and won’t harden if left for a minute or two. This makes every session less stressful, because – even though we can work very fast – we don’t have to rush anything. You can lay back and relax, knowing that you won’t ever wind up with a rock-solid strip to pull off your skin.

3) High sugar content and our 'one-dip' method reduce cross-contamination.

Did you know that bacteria can’t grow in high-sugar environments? (It’s the same reason jams and jellies can stay good for so long!) This means that our sugar paste is naturally anti-bacterial, right from the start. We go even further by only dipping our hands into the pot once per session, reducing the risk of contamination even more. 

4) Sugaring can remove hair as short as 1/8"

Sugar paste is super-flexible and makes its way down into individual hair follicles. Here, it surrounds the hair at the root and pulls it all out in one fluid motion, in the same direction it grows. This means that even short hair isn’t safe from our sugaring experts! It’s possible to have two appointments as little as 10 days apart (though most people wait at least 2-3 weeks).

5) Get 2-for-1 service because sugaring also exfoliates!

The same properties that make it impossible for bacteria to grow in sugar pastes also prevent the paste from attaching to living skin cells. But you know what it does stick to? All those dead, dry cells on the surface that need to be removed! That’s why sugaring can also be a nice, gentle exfoliant on many areas around the body.

6) Consistent sugaring can lead to permanent hair reduction.

Sugaring is most effective during your hair’s ‘anagen’ phase, when it is in active growth. Removing it in this phase makes the follicle weaker – and if done multiple times in a row, the follicle may collapse completely. This produces thinner, finer hair, or none at all. So, if you’re looking for long-term smooth skin, sugaring is likely to get you there.

7) The paste is about the same temperature as your body, making it safe for sensitive skin.

No bubbling pots at our salon! We keep the sugar paste at a comfy temperature, so it doesn’t irritate sensitive skin. It causes less flushing and swelling due to the body’s heat response, too. This makes sugaring an optimal choice for people with conditions like varicose veins, which can affect blood flow under the skin.

Body Sugaring in Calgary, Edmonton, and Kelowna

Of course, the main benefit of this technique is the soft, smooth skin you’ll have after you leave the table! Whether you’re looking your best for summer or just managing your hair growth over the cold winter months, there’s no such thing as a bad time for a sugaring appointment. 

Sucré has six sugar-licious locations around western Canada: 17 Ave, McKenzie Towne, and Crowfoot in Calgary, 142 St in Edmonton, Sherwood Park, and one just a few minutes north of Kelowna’s Bernard Ave entertainment district – near the intersection of Richter St and Clement Ave. Come and experience the benefits for yourself – we’ve got so much more to show you!